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Our Purpose:To provide a physical and virtual repository of education, training, and real-time consulting/advisory services that our communities can access in aims at driving our local economy through the creation of new businesses and the strengthening of already existing businesses.

Our Clients: Our clients will be individual entrepreneurs looking to start or create a new business. As well as small-to-medium sized enterprises in need of a variety of different types of assistance (business growth, access to capital, industry knowledge and education, etc.)

Our Vision and Mission Statement:To become the primary, trusted resource around accessing relevant information on business start-up for entrepreneurs. In addition, the Entrepreneurship Center will be the trusted advisor to small-to-medium sized businesses around financial, operational, and organizational improvement.

Value Propositions to Clients

Entrepreneurs: Will receive services around:

  • Finance and tax training
  • Business plan development and other business start-up “need-to-knows”
  • Applying for grants and other capital funding
  • Strategy development tools and tactics.

The Center will provide value to individual entrepreneurs through:

  • Providing critically needed education and training around core business basics.
  • Providing ‘how-to’ understanding around establishing and creating a business.
  • Providing assistance and training around accessing sources of funding, grants, and monies needed for business start-up and growth.
  • Providing access to potential vendors and suppliers through LVUL networking connections and events.

Small-to-Medium Sized Business The EC will help small-to-medium businesses:

  1. better understand and effectively manage profit.
  2. better understand the principles of finance, cash management and asset utilization.
  3. develop organizational structures that will improve their resource management.
  4. build human resource infrastructures aimed at improving staff quality.

The Center will provide value to small-to-medium sized businesses through:

  1. Providing real-time access to former owners, presidents and consultants of/to small-to-medium sized businesses which will provide expert analysis and advisory services.
  2. Providing access to a suite of business products and training-based services aimed at assessing their competitive position, reviewing their financial and strategic capacity for action, and developing strategies and action plans aimed at increasing revenues, lowering costs and improving profitability.
  3. Providing client/customer referrals based on potential value chain synergies with other small-to-medium sized and other business who have worked with the EC or LVUL.

Contact Us

  • 702-636-3949 ext. 297
  • dbrowne@lvul.org
  • www.lvul.org
  • 3575 W. Cheyenne Avenue Suite 101
    Las Vegas, NV. 89032

  • Monday - Friday
    8:00 am - 5:00 pm